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Certified Life & Mental Health Coach 

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Cicelyann Zoccola Branding

How I Can Help You

Eliminate long-held fears and anxieties

Build a stronger

 relationship with yourself and others

Create better work/life balance

Set and achieve healthy goals


self-care plans

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You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously.

If I want someone who will patiently listen to me and then provide me with unbiased guidance, she is the one I go to.  Somehow,  she can always shed new light on a situation that I have exhausted myself from running in circles with.

- A. Carr

Cicelyann has a very natural, comforting, yet meaningful way to guide me through a thought process with questions and dialogue to help me break down some stresses and challenges related to my communication style. I am excited to stay the course with her so I can continue to bring out the best in me.

- Marie V.

She truly exercises the only control we all have; we can't choose what happens in life, only how we react to it, and she embodies this. It's not something you can learn in college, it's just one of those life lessons we all have to learn and a skill we are not all good at, but she is amazing at harnessing this superpower, and coaching her friends and professional colleagues to do the same, so we can make better choices for ourselves.

- A. Richards


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